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The St.Augustine Beach Front Resort is a horrible “resort.”  We were stunned at how run-down the St.

Augustine Beach Front Resort was.  Let me give you an example of what the Saint Augustine Beachfront Resort is like--the walls need painting, the exterior doors to the hotel don't lock, the hardware is in terrible shape, the fence around the pool is treacherous and about to fall down, the pools are filthy, the towels are worn out and dingy, and the whole place stinks.  I reserved pool view room but instead got a parking lot view room.  I was later told that this was an “upgraded” room in the Resort, although it was in complete disrepair.  The curtains and bedspreads were old and grungy. The TV was held together with duct tape, literally.  I hope you never have to stay in a “standard” Saint Augustine Beachfront Resort room if that was “upgraded.”  See more about the St. Augustine Beach Front Resort here: . That was our first impression of the St.

Augustine Beach Front Resort, and it only got worse.  We had no hot water!  I complained to the receptionist, and was told there were boiler troubles, but we would have hot water within 2 hours—a pain, but those things happen.  So imagine how I felt the next morning when there was still had no hot water.  The boiler was the tip of the iceberg. Our shower faucet was broken and would only give us cold water.  I complained...again...and wanted a pool-side room.  The staff blew off the room request, and said that they would fix the faucet. The next morning we got ANOTHER cold shower. I tried rinsing off in the hot tub, but felt dirtier than when I entered the water.

The last morning of our trip, the St. Augustine Beach Front Resort staff let us lug all our stuff down the hall to another room to shower. They thought that was a fine solution—as opposed to giving me the room I paid for in the first place. The worst part, if you can believe it, was not the cold showers—it was the staff.

I've never heard of “resort” staff so rude. They told me to get any sort of refund I needed to call Expedia, since they had all the money. When I did call, Expedia agreed to give me some compensation. However, Expedia called twice to try and get the Saint Augustine Beach Front Resort to refund some of the money, and the St.

Augustine Beachfront Resort refused, and even hung up on Expedia. The Expedia rep was shocked at how inappropriate they were. I was used to it by this point. I called the Resort repeatedly myself.

The last time, the manager was rude, interrupted me repeatedly, and hung up on me. The St. Augustine Beach Front Resort only dragged Expedia into it in order to get me to leave without giving me one cent. If you have a problem with the resort, don't leave without cash in hand.

They only want to mislead you and put a booking agency in the middle.Or better yet, have a nice vacation instead, and please just avoid the Saint Augustine Beachfront Resort!

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